Love again!

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I had to reach early today for an important meeting. I picked up my files and shouted as I hurried out of the bedroom. “I will be taking my breakfast along. Please, hurry up.” As I reached the dining table, to my dismay, there wasn’t any packed breakfast waiting for me. After a moment, I […]


2016 in a Frame

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How was 2016? Lovely? A mixture of happiness, ups, downs, excitement, disappointment, surprises, monotonous or beyond what you could ever think of? May be it was all and may be, none. But, I am sure you are done looking back, gathering what you could from 2016, and whether  you wanted to or not, you are […]


Who Am I

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It may seem I am a bird without wings but look closer, if you may up the mountains, I soar high wander on roads under the clear blue sky meet people along the way nest memories where I stay then travel to another home further away for I am a bird that can’t be caged […]


55 Fiction – The Fight

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He landed another punch ruthlessly. The pain of hitting each other was greater than taking one. Such was their friendship. “Stop it! It isn’t anyone’s fault”, another member of the gang screamed. But they continued for they knew not what else to do. The inexplicable pain of losing their friend, losing the trio was unbearable. Day […]


Let the art speak

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He had lost everything except hope, for that was what kept him going. His decision was quite impromptu but none could fathom how important, how immediate it was for him to take. What had he lost? A couple of fake friends, few true ones, a pile of expectations of him, and a degree he had […]

Father and son

55Fiction- To Dad

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Today, I walk in  a world, you visioned, holding your hand knowing you have set the bar too high. You pulled off parenting selflessly showering all the love, being so cool. While I know I can’t ever reach you, I can go beyond everything to make my son into what he desires, just like you.   What […]