Traveling to Poetic Pondicherry – 2

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Continuing the trip before I bid adieu to Pondicherry awaited me. Before that, gyaan time: It’s only while you travel, you learn how not being “that early riser” is such a pain. That said, when a beautiful day is at the doorstep knocking with uncertainties, teeming with probabilities of running into intriguing places, people, and what not, […]


Travelling to Poetic Pondicherry

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So, here’s finally the first travelling post from this nomad 😀 and Pondicherry/Puducherry it is. Why Pondicherry? This was one of those impromptu, have-to-be-there decision. I knew I had to unwind, lay back, and relax (not far from pretty much what I do all the time though). And what better place could I have gone […]


Colors of life

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He would usually shy away from everyone shunning himself form the world of possibilities for the fear of being ridiculed and bullied. But then, his life wasn’t dull even for a moment for he had found his love in colors. He would often be enmeshed by colors, painting his imagination. The only time his feelings […]



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How many years has it been? 24? 25, may be. I can hear the tittle-tattle and feel the weight of gazes on me already. The entire village’s indeed talking. Talking about me. “Prem’s son, Ronak, has finally managed to travel across the seas and has returned”, one said. “He didn’t turn back. Hadn’t returned even […]

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Miss Glasses

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I have had enough and so I am walking to nowhere. “Relax.” I command, “relax” a bit louder in my brain to cool off the raging bull in me. “Damn! Keep walking. Don’t hit anyone. Jokes. Laugh it off.”, I repeat to myself. It’s irritating and Thud! What just happened? It’s blurry now. Am I […]