The Brutal Need

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The agonizing rage burnt throughout his body as blood dripped onto the floor. It was unbearable. “I am so sorry.” He repeated it in a louder voice mixed with infuriating tears. The excruciating pain, the ache was eating away his soul. He dug the knife deeper in his hands as if trying to use the […]


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I know it has been a long time. I know I should have known better than what I did. But, trust me, throughout the entire time, each single day, you were all that I could think of. Every single moment, it was a struggle, a fight to be away from you. You have given me […]

Red Handed

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“Z”, it flashed on screens. Internet. Everywhere. “Catch me if you can. I will be stealing the priceless from well known cities tomorrow sharp 10 in the morning”. Every cop and con knew this name well. It all started 10 years ago. Z’s identity was unknown and none had the foggiest idea about him or […]

55Fiction- Fragile lives

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His shoulders weren’t just carrying the weight of a weapon. Along with it was the unbearable weight of lives taken. But today, as he holds his baby in his hands, as tears well up, in happiness he relearns his duty as a soldier. Fragile lives and their dreams should be ensured freedom to soar high. […]

55Fiction- The great husband

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“You’re so lucky”, she said looking at my husband. “He is so charming and I can see how wonderful he is.”, she exclaimed with glittery eyes. I couldn’t take it any further. “Mrs. Sharma, what you don’t know is that he is playing around with these kids only to get to their cakes and chocolates.” […]

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Stranger than fiction

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All those shiny gadgets he had weren’t of any help when he had to jot down his thoughts. He needed a pen and paper. The inner storm wouldn’t settle unless he wrote it down. He continued scribbling fast on his small handy pad as he heard the announcement requesting passengers to board the flight. With an […]