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    (If it’s too long. You can get away skimming the first line at the cost of missing out what you had come to read here in the first place ūüėČ )

    Nomad. Traveler. Writer. 

    These are the words busy trying to sit, hang almost everywhere around this space. Be it the corners or right in the middle of the entire page. They are glaring right at you trying their best to steal the lime light to prove their existence.

    So, what’s all the fuss about and from whom?

    As simple as it is. All this is from a pretty much no one who is stepping out. Who loves writing. Who now has an affair with traveling now and then. Who has chosen to express, write tales. Be it traveling or fiction.

    “I am the need you can never do without. The joy that you can never have enough of. The start that never finishes”, whispered writing making me fall in love all over again.

    I might have very well been dead up until now“, the realization dawned on me as traveling taught me what living is.

    So this is a blog featuring my love¬†with a¬†mixture of two worlds beyond. I embark into one with my thoughts and pen, jotting down and taking you along into a world you hadn’t known yet. My world. Then other is the world we live in where I roam around with my rucksack to take you along to places the way I see it.

    While am at it, a little more about this nomad.

    Seen¬†someone drenching in rain. Jumping in puddles ruining new shoes? Probability is, that’s me. You can find me lost in crowd yet sometimes alone being that “solo traveler” or other times screaming my lungs out or laughing hard with my friends.

    You can find me shortening your name the first time you introduce yourself. I am that stranger who will out of blue appear and start talking like we are childhood friends meeting after long time and then disappear without actually exchanging names.

    Yes! I love rain. Love nature. Love to travel solo and with everyone around. I love talking. A lot. And a few rare times, even manage to make some sense. Love coding, music, and learning anything. Love to interact. Communicate. Dream. Love honest feedback.

    Also, I am a novice photographer trying to capture, so please be kind or well, don’t. Any feedback is always welcomed here.