I’m home, Finally!!!

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She was packing her bags as she fought back tears. The grief stricken soul blinked away the tidbit flashes of her past. A bubbly girl with endless energy and charismatic aura emerged as a long forgotten foggy memory. Was it the same life she was living? The dark circles staring back at her from the […]


Love again!

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I had to reach early today for an important meeting. I picked up my files and shouted as I hurried out of the bedroom. “I will be taking my breakfast along. Please, hurry up.” As I reached the dining table, to my dismay, there wasn’t any packed breakfast waiting for me. After a moment, I […]


55Fiction – Beyond shackles

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She lost her husband today. People around couldn’t resist their out of blue concern for her and her only son. But what was she to fear? Her little son had already shaped their future. This was the day her hidden wounds would start healing after years, without multiplying. Another truth died in the home today. […]


55fiction- We will meet again

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With love beyond, they promised to wait for each other. “I will be back soon” “I will wait for eternity” The vows were exchanged as love conquered everything. Two years later, he returned with unwavering faith. Such was their love. She was happily married. He had then learnt two years perhaps is greater than eternity. […]


55Fiction – Forgotten

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How could I lose to an amateur? My dish was perfect and I have given it my all, paying attention to the last detail. A judge, his friend, said. “You haven’t lost to taste and perfection. Look closer. You lost to zeal, learning, and passion. He is what you were when you had started this journey.” […]


Who Am I

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It may seem I am a bird without wings but look closer, if you may up the mountains, I soar high wander on roads under the clear blue sky meet people along the way nest memories where I stay then travel to another home further away for I am a bird that can’t be caged […]