Banaras, Ganga Aarti (a glimpse)

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Ganga Ghat I hear the forgotten voices Find myself on path off charts Travel slower but deeper into hearts Talking to the winds and twinkling stars For all those who ask Why I travel solo, alas I may not have the answers intact But let my memories do this part Follow this nomad at shotales for […]


#PhotoChallenge – Solitude

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Solitude, the word alone, brings a smile right away. Solitude is that magical moment, where I am not bound to anything. At times, not even thoughts. It’s unlearning everything I thought I knew, and just being the blank canvas ready to blend into nature. Simply put, being completely in the moment. Pondicherry- Solo travel. That’s the […]


2016 in a Frame

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How was 2016? Lovely? A mixture of happiness, ups, downs, excitement, disappointment, surprises, monotonous or beyond what you could ever think of? May be it was all and may be, none. But, I am sure you are done looking back, gathering what you could from 2016, and whether  you wanted to or not, you are […]


Who Am I

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It may seem I am a bird without wings but look closer, if you may up the mountains, I soar high wander on roads under the clear blue sky meet people along the way nest memories where I stay then travel to another home further away for I am a bird that can’t be caged […]


Traveling to Poetic Pondicherry – 2

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Continuing the trip before I bid adieu to Pondicherry awaited me. Before that, gyaan time: It’s only while you travel, you learn how not being “that early riser” is such a pain. That said, when a beautiful day is at the doorstep knocking with uncertainties, teeming with probabilities of running into intriguing places, people, and what not, […]