Colors of life

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He would usually shy away from everyone shunning himself form the world of possibilities for the fear of being ridiculed and bullied.

But then, his life wasn’t dull even for a moment for he had found his love in colors. He would often be enmeshed by colors, painting his imagination. The only time his feelings would speak, soar out of him onto the blank canvas in front of him.

On one fine day, as he sat painting his canvas in the class after the college hours, he could hear his heart thump faster. He noticed a girl looking at his painting that he had almost completed.

A part of him wanted to hold the painting and run away as fast as he could. He grabbed the chair tighter to fight his heartbeats that was rattling inside him louder with every moment. His breath, he noticed, was growing heavier, and louder.

“Mesmerizing”, she complimented and left.

Her voice had calmed him at once and had left with a proud smile. He learnt, with days that passed by, he would look forward to her compliments more than his paintings.

Compliments grew into small conversations slowly unfolding into a bond. Yes, he had finally forged one.

Her captivating smile, her infectious laughter, her honest feedback, her encouragement. He would look forward to all. Everyday.

Conversations, where he would converse too. Where he had learnt to talk, listen, share about himself, and learn about her.

It wasn’t just fascinating to be with her. It was his world now. To make her laugh, to spellbound her with paintings. to lose track of time in conversations. To connect. To feel what was beyond him.

She had become a warm shade of yellowish morning rays with a mix of green, and a touch of blue alongside with a rainbow. She had brought colors to life.


He had, he admitted to himself, finally fallen in the mystery termed love.

After eight months, today, his heart was pounding faster. He was yet again nervous and may be, a little frightened. On his insistence, they had planned to meet late in the night near the park they would always meet in. He didn’t want to wait until tomorrow.

She finally arrived and he could do nothing but stare at her, transfixed by her beauty. He was being swarmed in by her charm and he stood there praying for the best.

He looked at her, the answer for his unsaid prayers that he was too afraid to even pray.

Under the moonlight, he unveiled a painting of hers. She looked at it as her vision went blurry and she nodded at him running her hands over his signature on the canvas.

I love you too. She replied.

They hugged each other and then what seemed like eternity, they slowly parted.

She reminded him that she had to go back since she was getting late and he nodded.

She went on ahead as he stood there looking at his life, at her in awe.

She turned back once more to wave good night and he screamed his lungs out but there were none to hear him in the darkness.

He ran to her as the truck sped past without stopping. He sat there on the road amid the darkness holding her close to him. He didn’t move as his tears slowly dried out. How could he leave his life?

The next day, the local newspaper printed a small block on a corner of a page: “Hit and run case. A body found in public”.

As vehicles ran over him in the pitch darkness he didn’t move. He held her, his hallucination, until the bitter end breathing his last with his paranoid schizophrenia.

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  1. WOooaahhhww..the way colors has been used to portray importance of her in his life…Amazing….n the last para… very well put in.

    1. Thanks a lot Asha for stopping by and for kind words. I wanted it to b beautiful throughout (even in the end :D) Glad you liked it. Welcome to my this nomad’s space 🙂

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