Last Words

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I am sitting at my usual table sipping my coffee after having the afternoon meal away from the chaos. I don’t want to go back and plunge myself into issues, decisions, and what not. How about retirement, I question myself again not sure if I have an answer to it. I sip a little more coffee warding off the thought. No. Not yet.

Let me relax. This is my time, I say to those perturbing thoughts.

The serenity and beauty of having time all alone in the day and not be surrounded by ambitious dear employees or security personnels. Ah! I am certainly in love with this place.


Something stiff out of blue prods me from behind. I am not sure what it is so I try to turn. But all I can see is darkness. Pitch black. And it gets hard to breathe.

I feel my hands being latched. And few strangers, strong, working their way around me. Am I being kidnapped?

I breathe a little harder. What should I do? I am not sure. I have never been kidnapped or have been in such situations before. I was being carried in haste. I try to resist. I am old now and unlike my teenage days I can’t use a kick or two to send people flying. I must resistI remind myself and give it my best.

I am not sure where I am being taken. Will this all turn out good? I sigh. I don’t know.

I hear a heavy voice with modulation talking on phone. If you want to see your father alive please arrange two million in cash and wait for the next call. We have our eyes on you so don’t try to pull off anything or contact anyone.

“Don’t do anything reckless. I will need to confirm if dad is missing. I will make the arrangements and wait for your next call.”, a voice infused with a little fright and surprise replied.

I have always acted tough with my son and have never given him more than required in terms of money or time. I was always busy. But I couldn’t let him be spoiled, Could I? I had also threatened to give away all the money and exclude him from everything. I smile knowing he was worried. Every father would. He should be able to arrange the amount on his own. He must have more than that currently, I ponder reassuring myself.

The next call and arrangements are being done now after a while.

Was he really bringing in the money? Has he not even tried any other way? Is he that worried.

I am surprised that he has arranged the amount in less than 24 hours. Anyway, I want to see him desperately.

Two cars screech stopping to a halt. I am in one of them sick worried as to what will happen next. The exchange is important for everyone. A bead of sweat rolls down as we wait.

I hear another car swiftly drawing closer. It must be my son. I feel relieved. I want to love him more now. Tell him he has turned into a fine man that I always wanted. I feel proud.

The engine turns off. I am blind folded again.

Why again? I don’t understand.

Hand over the money, the same heavy voice demands.

Take off the mask. my son says in straight voice.

I try to adjust to the light. I know my son is standing in front. I feel warmth on my cheek. Tears roll down. I rub my eyes. I am happy to see him after a complete year or maybe more.

He looks me into the eye. I smile. I have brought double the amount so you all can relax.

I am spellbound. I know I should be angry for him to do such a thing but I can’t help but feel happy. He is doing this for me. I see he knows what he is doing. I can be free of worries now.

But on one condition, he adds.

You all walk away with the money but after killing the old man.

I lose my senses. Unable to move, I stand there paralysed for a moment. Is this my son? my heart weeps.

I feel dizzy.

Oh Wait! Any last words, dad? he says wearing a cunning smile.

What could anyone have to say to his own child?

I am devastated and look up apologising to my wife for not being able to bring up our son in the right way. I am still trying to shake off the shock.

I have nothing more to tell you. I muster strength and speak.

The guy standing next to me points his gun to my temple.

Are you sure, I ask in my meek voice weakened by father’s love and excruciating pain.

He nods.

You, the lone heir and my only son, won’t be a part of inheritance of even a single penny. I announce to my son. I will make sure that the will is prepared as soon as tomorrow.

My son stands there amused and a little baffled.

Listen carefully. My last words to you, my son. It isn’t that bad an idea to be kidnapped once in a while. I chuckle.

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    1. Thanks for stopping by Rakesh. He was his own son 🙂 (at least how i thought in my head) The last words are already up there 🙂 Hope you enjoyed reading this. Welcome to my space!

  1. It does good to be reminded of why you follow someones blog once in a while, and this post reminded me of why I hit the follow button on your blog for the first time. Loved the ending, so true of relationships these days. We are forever testing each other rather than trusting each other.

  2. OMG !! It’s been a while since I was gripped by a story this way. I was totally hooked and the ending…whattttt !! What an amazing story teller you are !

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