Red Handed

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“Z”, it flashed on screens. Internet. Everywhere. “Catch me if you can. I will be stealing the priceless from well known cities tomorrow sharp 10 in the morning”.

Every cop and con knew this name well. It all started 10 years ago. Z’s identity was unknown and none had the foggiest idea about him or the team he worked with, or if he had one.

The unheard biggest heist to happen was announced.

It had created chaos.

The next day as the clock ticked 10, people awaited to catch Z red handed. It had become dream of many a cops.

Five minutes passed by and people checked the news to hear something. Anything.

Was this a hoax?

If so, Z would have cleared by then. He always had. His identity, his fame was most dear to him.

And then a message flashed everywhere once again.

“Sleep and peace”.


ve joined Bar-A-thon challenge to write everyday. The flash fiction has been written for the prompt: Fragile Lives..

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