A day trip to Hillerød, Denmark

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While in Denmark, there wasn’t a day that was dull. Why would it be? The city teems with beauty in every corner in every way as the lush green nature magically enthralls you.

Having cycled my way in Roskilde covering the offbeat places, I headed out for a day trip to Frederiksborg Castle at Hillerød.

The castle was built as a royal residence and as of today is open to public as Danish museum of National history.

This is how I started my trip while waiting for the bus at the stop. As I said, not a dull moment.

first click

The first click

After speeding past through the refreshing landscapes, I finally reached Hillerød, the destination for the day. I walked into the streets and right before I entered the castle, I was welcomed with the following views

street view

Street View

Before the entrance of Frederiksborg Castle

Beside the entrance of Frederiksborg Castle

I love the blending colors, green, blue, and the sky. Though, I would have preferred a bright sky.

The castle stands at the lake that’s adjoined by a large baroque garden. It would be ideal to reach here and spend more than few hours to take in the beauty of this garden and spending an hour or more in the castle, learning the history and going through the rooms.

Before, I add anything, let’s take a look at the castle, that had become the largest renaissance residence in Scandinavia.

entrance to castle



I had spent more time wandering aimlessly in the large baroque garden. The dark clouds meanwhile decided to sprinkle a little more of joy and after that I continued to yet again wander through the lush greenery.

love is everywhere

Love is everywhere. You just have to look for it 😛

Baroque garden

Baroque garden

I then happened to meet two beautiful dogs and after playing around with them a little, the owner told me that to the left, a little further, was a very tiny bridge but overlooked the castle and the other side was bath house hunting lodge.

I was mesmerized and these are those captures:


DSC_0295 (1)

Later, I frittered away my time with the ducks around and taking another tour of the entire garden before bidding farewell to the serene greenery.

Ideally, you should indeed spend your time here and not rush through for it will take a while for the beauty to sink in.

I am hopeful, you liked the day trip here. Let me know your views. I will be back soon with a city tour of Copenhagen. Until then, keep shooting, writing, clicking, and doing everything you are passionate about.

Before signing off, another one click with full view of Frederiksborg Castle along with baroque garden.


(All the photos have been taken by me. copyright: nomadwrites.com)

22 thoughts on “A day trip to Hillerød, Denmark

  1. This looks like a stunning ride! I especially love the capture of that little stream with the castle (or church?) reflection! Stunning 🙂

    P.S. You don’t have a WP follow button?

    1. I realized I didn’t have one 😀 and I couldn’t get to add one at the bottom right. However, I managed to add one in the sidebar at the top. Thanks for notifying me about it Prajakta.

  2. What a magnificent place! Many years ago I was in Denmark for a few days but the primary object then was Legoland at Billund for a small boy. His Mum loved it too 🙂 I loved the style of Denmark and have long wanted to return, and in particular to see Copenhagen. It may still happen one day.

    1. I am sure Legoland was all worth it 🙂 And, yes, that day will come. Hopefully soon. Thanks for visiting. I am glad could remind you of this beautiful place. (and somewhere set the plan for you to visit it again in motion 🙂 )

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