Banaras, Ganga Aarti (a glimpse)

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Ganga Ghat

I hear the forgotten voices
Find myself on path off charts
Travel slower but deeper into hearts
Talking to the winds and twinkling stars

For all those who ask
Why I travel solo, alas
I may not have the answers intact
But let my memories do this part

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Rituals at Ganga Aarti on Ghat
ganga aarti
Ganga aarti
pandit ganga aarti
Ganga aarti another close up

You can of course follow nomadwrites, or the tales shot, i.e. shotales 🙂 Both lead you here to the same. I am just back from a quick trip to Nagpur, Jabalpur, and Banaras. Hence, a glimpse of the Banaras Ghat.

The first pic was taken a while back and the rest is from Ganga aarti from mere two days back.  This traditional Aarti being performed every day from ages, has now is a magical spectacle and if these pictures don’t tell you why, then I will convince you with write ups on Banaras with lot more on Aarti. These are just glimpses and because this is so alluring, I couldn’t just resist.

Thousands pour in every day and you have to be there to understand and feel why. There’s nothing more rewarding than sitting by the ghat and getting to watch the aarti, as the ritual is carried out while the public that’s notorious otherwise simply becomes a part of it all.

So, a couple more

Aarti flames
The flames of faith held by one hand.
the glow
The glow of aarti in the eyes and in the smile.

Stay tuned for few fictional tales coming up and to know why I want to return to Pulicat lake, and of course a lot more about Banaras from a Banarasi 🙂

How have you been? What have you been up to? Would love to hear from you.

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