Birding in Hyderabad

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Wings are what we dream of, and these little creatures are too innocent to even flaunt them. The agility with which they just keep restlessly hopping is what you will eventually fall in love with.

It was Uttarakhand where I realized and learnt that I love birds together with an ace blogger, traveler, singer, and what not: Ani (She goes by the name Shweta in the blogging world). If you know me, you wouldn’t ever believe that a restless guy like me sat around for more than 2 hours just to get a glimpse of 2-3 birds. And, yes, I did it back in Kausani, descending a steep narrow muddy lane towards giant trees with small ones around them (read was dragged down by her). And that was when I knew I could just adore them all day long without sweating.

Before I go on, let me also add, alongside, birds I catpured at Osman Sagar, in Hyderabad recently.

Purple sunbird
Purple Sunbird, agile poser.

This small purple sunbird are fast and take direct flight. The male are completely black, and the purple iridescence becomes visible in lighting. This one though agile, would often sit around giving few poses, thankfully.

What do I love the most about birds?

I love birds chirping around continually, especially in the early morning when that is all that I get to hear. It calms me and will always be a best way to start the day. It’s blissful. The ambience is pleasant and these little creatures keep challenging you to catch up.

More on my new found love for birds later. Now, let’s see the other captures.

Coppersmith barbet

This is a bird with crimson forehead and throat which is best known for its metronomic call that has been likened to a coppersmith striking metal with a hammer. Another capture of this colorful lovely bird.

What you looking at?

I love the gaze in this still.

Common Iora.

Common Iora is a species found in scrub, forest and gardens it is easily detected from its loud whistles and the bright colours.

There weren’t any migratory birds but I wandered around further to find these garden birds. I was just happy to be clicking birds.

Plain prinia. Here I go..

And here It went.

Are you aiming at me?

Those eyes am sure are saying the same. don’t you think?

Red vented bulbul

The glow of this bird. If you are wondering why the red? Because its vent is red in color. (I couldn’t really find it in this picture, but the bird looks pretty much same. Is this any related species? Bird experts. A lil help here, please?)

White browed wagtail.

A distinctive black and white bird that wags its tail up and down as it walks or runs about catching insects. This one tells me, hey, I can stand just on one alright.


My favorite one, the cutest of all. Moving on to few more purple sunbirds.

Purple rumped sunbird. see me fly away.
Just kidding! Here, I am.

More of purple sunbird for the poser they are

Being at the edge, gives you a new high.
let me shine, just once more.

There’s more and hopefully, you wouldn’t mind.

Common Myna.
Common Myna are brown colored with yellow patch near the eyes. These birds can be seen often in open areas.
Plain prinia.
Plain prinia is a small warbler in the Cisticolidae family wound in wet lands.
Rosy starling.
If I got this one right, the Rosy Starling is a colonial breeder, and like other starlings, is highly gregarious, forming large winter flocks.
Indian golden Oriole.

The male has the black eye stripe extending behind the eye, a large carpal patch on the wing and wide yellow tips to the secondaries and tertiaries. streaks are seen on the underside of females.

The place is also known as Gandipet lake, and has a park. However, the park isn’t opened until 9.30 in the morning. A quick morning trip here was completely worth it. Hopefully, next time, I go, I will find migratory birds too.

Let me know your favorite ones? if there are any corrections to be made, please do tell me.

10 thoughts on “Birding in Hyderabad

  1. Finally! A bird fanatic! And I recognised all of them 😁 They are such fun to watch and listen to. It’s literally a musical symphony when they are chirping away. Near my place, I get to see and hear sunbirds everyday. Literally, everyday. Bea Eaters are a delight too. They look pretty anyway but in flight they are even prettier. And yes, the red on the Red Vented Bulbul is quite visible. It’s mostly visible from the front though. Kingfishers are my favorites. I actually caught (on video) it thrashing a lizard to no end. Anyway, I think I’ll stop here. My comment already looks like a post itself😁 Oh, one more thing… You should visit Bharatpur (if you haven’t already). It’s one of the best places for birding. Especially during peak season. You get to see local and migratory birds. It’s on my ‘to visit’ list 😉

    1. Haha! Glad to learn you are one too 🙂 yay! I do agree with your words. There are so many places and this is definitely in my “go-to” list for sure. Thanks for telling me that. I caught a kingfisher though from back and far. Glad to read such a lovely comment from another fanatic. Thanks and will check out your space for more 🙂

      1. I was extremely lucky with the Kingfisher. All my previous attempts were either a blur or of something else altogether 😂 Keep at it. You’ll get there soon.

  2. Seeing these pictures, I felt as if I were there sitting beside spotting them with you as they behaved their restless self 🙂 My favorite is white browed wagtail no…not because it is black and white hehe it looks classy among others 🙂 So we go more places for “bird watching” after Kousani 😉 Wow Shashank you know so much about birds now, like being an engineer wasn’t enough ki aur impress 🙂 Loved loved loved the post and all the super pictures you have taken j 🙂 Muraay!!

    1. That’s one bird that was the most stable 😀 no wonder you liked it 😛 I started loving “bird watching” you see. (There’s always the pressure to impress, so banta h) Happy happy happy you loved it! Murray!

  3. Wow! Such beautiful pictures and the post is well written Shashank.
    I love chirping of the birds too. In the evening or the morning, it tells me about the movement of the sun and that it’s time to head home 🙂

  4. So beautiful and so well captured. I often think that people do not pay enough attention to all birds around us. I came over from The Editor’s Journal where you left your link a little while back.

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