Merry go round in Copenhagen in a day

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Let’s take a quick tour of Copenhagen, shall we?

Here’s a glimpse of what this happiest city and the capital has to offer.

The city teems with museums, palaces, scenic places, and what not, and has so many attractions and things to do that a day wouldn’t even get you started. Yet, there’s so much one could make for in a day. Here’s my diary at city centre.

One of the best way to see the city is to take the most popular Canal tours.


The tour I took started here at Nyhavn and is a treat in summer. The different perspective is mesmerizing and we were guided both in Danish and English.

The Copenhagen Opera House

The Copenhagen Opera house being the national opera house of Denmark, is one of the most modern and expensive opera house.

After the Copenhagen Opera house is Amalienborg palace.

Amalienborg palace

Amalienborg is home of the Danish royal family and consists of four identical classical palace façades. You can see two of them in this shot.

Another view: of the same:

Amalienborg palace

Next is Black diamond library:

Black Diamond Library

This is an extension to Royal danish library. Apart from its function to library, it has a 600 seat auditorium, Queen’s hall, and houses museums of photography and cartoons, and a lot of other public facilities.

The canal tour extended to many more magnificent views:






The canal tour finally ended although the stunning views were still stirring up in my mind. There are lot of restaurants and options here and you can choose one according to your taste 🙂 Sitting amid the soothing music in this cozy restaurants and enjoying beer would just add up to the wonderful tour. After trying out one of the restaurants that did live up to its location, I moved ahead to the city square from where I headed to city tour by walk.

This is by far one of the best ways to know the city and your way around it. Few captures alongside:






After strolling with the group for quite long, admiring the architecture, taking in the history,  I departed (almost ran) to the spiral tower.

Church of our Saviour is known for its hellix spire.

DSC_0833 (2)

The tower is 90 meters tall and external staircase turns four times anticlockwise around it. As you ascend the three stories, the wooden steps get steeper and a little taller and then after walking 400 steps ahead, out of breath, the view is worth every sweat.


A steep path to heaven, may be?


The view from the top. While there’s no capturing the grand view as the zephyr hits you on face, I am still committing the crime and attaching the panorama view of the central city.


The day ended with a happy meal around the corner as the memories gushed in and out reminding me of a day well spent. What more could one ask for?

How do you like spending a day, if only one is given, around this city this way?

If you are done with the city, visiting the museums, and most of the beauty it has to offer, may be you would want to check out an offbeat tour.

Any suggestions or thoughts are welcome. I am trying to share bits and pieces of my experiences and would love to hear what you have to say about it. Hope this was fun.

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    1. Thanks a lot Prajakta 🙂 Glad you liked em. Truthfully, Copenhagen and Roskilde are to be done together to go from city to completely scenic and off beat place. I loved everything about these places. Wish to be back soon.

  1. A friend of mine stayed there for about 4 years. Ever since then I’ve been a fan of this city. Haven’t been there yet though!
    Your pics remind me not to take it off the list 😊

    The view from the top with the following Panoramic contrast is spectacular!

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