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Solitude, the word alone, brings a smile right away.

Solitude is that magical moment, where I am not bound to anything. At times, not even thoughts. It’s unlearning everything I thought I knew, and just being the blank canvas ready to blend into nature.

Simply put, being completely in the moment.

That’s the first solo travel from 2016. The year that made me fall more with travelling.

Just about an year and half back, travelling was pretty much alien to me. Solo travelling was out of question, as you can guess. It wasn’t until, that in Chile, I had stepped out to travel alone for the first time that I realized I love travelling and more so, solo travelling. I had apprehensions, wasn’t sure of actually going, and what not.

But then, it happened, and the series of the first followed. A lot more on that sometime later.

Coming back to solitude, as dramatic it may sound, it is, for me, not looking back, where I run, stumble, fall, jump, fly, or just stand still.

How many times has it been that you were overwhelmed and completely engulfed by nature and its beauty.

End of the world, Sagres

Look closer to find me in the above picture and I wasn’t posing.

It’s end of the world that I am sitting at. That’s what it is known as (I am not making it up) The rhythmic conversation with those mighty waves, the background music of calmness, the beautiful set up by the setting sun, the tiny me. I was sitting there marveling at nature, trying to absorb (or be absorbed?)

Looking for this seat?

It doesn’t even has to be magnanimous. A bench as this amid heaven. What else would you need?

Walk into woods, may be?

Or walk into the woods. It could be anything as long as you can relate to it and love it.

Generally, I am quite restless, running around, striking a conversation with a stranger like we had been knowing each other for long time, and what not. That’s usually me until in these moments, I pause. And then it is serenity, peace and everything along with nothing.

That’s what it is for me. Yes, I associate it majorly with travel, as this is when I get to spend the me time most. Also, I have been quite number of times asked why in the world would you travel solo?

I always reply, why not?

Would you agree? What’s solitude for you? How do you connect it with travelling.

To sum it all adding few lines, I had written back in time:

It may seem I am a bird without wings
but look closer, if you may
up the mountains, I soar high
wander on roads under the clear blue sky

meet people along the way
nest memories where I stay
then travel to another home further away
for I am a bird that can’t be caged

This is posted for photo challenge to interpret Solitude.

43 thoughts on “#PhotoChallenge – Solitude

  1. Everyone needs their me time, but most of us don’t find it traveling solo, we have to sneak it in here and there throughout the day. Sometimes that me time can be in a crowd where you know no one. I’m glad you’ve found your outlet and are able to take these restorative trips.

    1. So true 🙂 The short lived me time is often refreshing, if one can get. I just love travelling and happen to get the me time easily 🙂 Thank you!! Hope you get more me time often 🙂 Cheers.

  2. I’m glad you enjoy solo travel this much – I’m the same, only I find it difficult sometimes to make friends along the way. (Introvert and all.) Thank you for the beautiful photos and the accompanying story!

    1. Welcome here 🙂 Equally glad to know you enjoy solo travel 🙂 I have at times started a conversation and knowing that it isn’t going well, try to smooth it out to end it but made it worse and abruptly ended it 😀 Happens but there’s nothing like getting to wander alone (esp when you need it and there’s no one clinging around. Blissful)

      So glad to have you here and thank you for liking the pictures.

  3. Sagres and the ‘end of the world’ is familiar to me. 🙂 As is a solitary state- one that comes quite naturally to me, though many would think me gregarious. I’ve enjoyed your musings, and your company. 🙂

    1. So glad to have you here and know that Jo (Can I call you that or how do I address you) I do get a feeling you do fine amid crowd and alone too, and that’s best. Welcome to my space 🙂

  4. Wow, Nomad, that is a very beautiful description of your solitude, you feel deep…I like it! You’ve got a fragile writer’s soul…absolutely touching! Nice to meet you! Ann

  5. solitude contains
    the active ingredient
    emptiness – not to

    be mistaken for hunger,
    nor loneliness, nor an ache

    thank you for sharing – i enjoy seeking out solitude amidst the city (smile).

  6. Solitude is an absolute luxury with the kids around. I find I cherish it more and more. However I’m not sure how much I’d like to travel solo. Last time I did it I felt a little lost. I would need some getting used to I presume.
    PS: Your pictures are absolutely stunning.

    1. I can so understand 😀 Don’t we start cherishing what we get lil of and would love to get? 🙂 Ah! I am sure then you love going on group travels. I am kinda lost always, so it kind of works for me. Thank you so much for stopping by and so glad that you liked the pictures.

  7. Wonderful post with beautiful pictures!! Your writing adds on to become the soul of this theme called solitude. 🙂 Solo trips are enriching and enable us to live in the present. Looking forward for more amazing posts! And thank you for stopping by my blog! 🙂 🙂

  8. So many people always tend to confuse solitude with loneliness that I get tired trying to explain the difference. Maybe I should make them read this post instead? Hmmm…
    Loved the post and that picture of a single bench looking out to the water…. sigh! I would so love to just sit there right now!

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