Traveling to Poetic Pondicherry – 2

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Continuing the trip before I bid adieu to Pondicherry awaited me. Before that, gyaan time: It’s only while you travel, you learn how not being “that early riser” is such a pain. That said, when a beautiful day is at the doorstep knocking with uncertainties, teeming with probabilities of running into intriguing places, people, and what not, it gets easier to wake up a lil earlier.

Before I go on, soak in some pictures from beaches.

DSC_0280 DSC_0289

I wish it was a lot more cleaner. Word of caution. People stop littering. There’s only so much that can be cleaned.

DSC_0294 DSC_0303

Kids posing for a click. They had asked for it and were dancing 🙂DSC_0323

He didn’t smile even after many attempts. He was quite shy you may think but he had approached me, not the other way around, and said “sooooper” after seeing the click. He made my day!DSC_0384

Serenity beach right beside auro beach.DSC_0424

Another click of the serenity beach that was such a pleasure to be at.


Beautiful, isn’t it?

The joy of just being in a place with not much crowd around, it leaves you speechless. A beauty of its own when you aren’t into any thoughts and just so in the place. Right in the moment. Do visit serenity beach in the evening to be at the rocks, waves, silence and colorful sky. You will fall in love with beach, sky, and the peace 🙂 and I loved it.

I then came back from my room after freshening up to fritter my time away at la cafe and promenade/rocky beach. Yes again. This is the best thing to do at night there or a must!

The moonlight, waves hitting the rock accompanied by zephyr had enmeshed me. It was more than beautiful. Breathtaking and inexplicable. I strolled on beach having encountered many “thambis” (bros :P) offering me to join them for a drink and I politely refused (ille :D) but still joined them for small talks now and then. I hadn’t left the beach until later after 1 am. I don’t know when I returned 😀 Time was the last thing I would want to notice then.

I got up a lil late and though in the bucket list, I had pushed Auroville quite back, I didn’t want to rush there yet. For it would take more than a day just to cover it. To actually be there. And, while I could have quickly hit it, I had to head back too so instead I headed to another place which turned out beautiful too.

Paradise beach is only accessible by boat and I didn’t have more than three hours to spend. Though, the heat of day was getting to me, I quickly ran into the water to fight it off 😀

Nevertheless, the scene on the route to beach was more mesmerizing. I will let the pictures do rest of talking (again) before I resume.


The kick Start 😀

DSC_0505 DSC_0540

Finally, at the paradise

DSC_0546 DSC_0567 DSC_0596

While you are busy checking out the places, be sure you don’t miss out desserts, pastries, and of course the delicious food and cheap drinks.

The first travel post makes it mark in the space here. More of writings and travel tales coming up! Stay tuned.

Also, please spare a minute (or half) to let me know about the travel. Still wondering where you should head to in the next weekend?

6 thoughts on “Traveling to Poetic Pondicherry – 2

  1. Wow Mr. Photographer 🙂 Amazing place (read add to the visit list). The writeup is an experience which you took to however take me there or are you done with beaches 😉 i so loved the pictures where the subject is in focus and rest blurred out, teach me your tricks j 🙂 P.S. I agree you will fall in love with the beach, the sky and the peace!

  2. Oh my goodness these pictures of the beaches are amazing too!!! 🙂 I’ll have to see this beautiful place one day. That sunset is breathtaking! And how can anyone say no to good food, desserts and cheap drinks? 😛 Sounds like a great place to kick back and relax and enjoy nature. Thanks for posting about Pondicherry! 😀

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