Why Roskilde is full of breathtaking surprises

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Discover a little more of yourself, hidden, waiting for you out there somewhere. And, for that, no guesses, you need to step out. Impromptu or not, just travel.

Now, after the enlightening gyaan, let me finally talk about Roskilde.

Roskilde, at first glance may never come across as one of the places you would plan to stop by. But wait till you fall in love with this place. Well, just keep scrolling down and then make your call.

Why Roskilde is full of breathtaking surprises? Because it has pleasant surprises in every corner, every direction you choose to stroll, walk by, or look into. A glimpse of everything and anything will sure lighten you up. Pretty, scenic, and lovely landscapes you will feel a part of in an instant.

Travelling is more than and beyond those check-ins, clicks, or rushing around to the must-go spots. It is about belonging, truly breathing in a place, connecting in your own way and Roskilde will always be a fresh zephyr with pleasant memories for me. A warm bright yellow happiness, and the first sun rays after a harsh winter. Well, here, what I loved the most was, I could indulge in long conversations with nature throughout. Allow me to walk you through everything it has to offer:

1. It has beautiful streets to be engulfed in.


I stayed here for awhile for more than two weeks and every day, every single day, I would stroll by in a new direction being equally enthralled by the scenic beauty this place has to offer. What can be more soothing than stepping out of the melodramatic chaotic life into a steady yet magnificent scenery.


2. Bike around the place letting the zephyr whisper sweet nothings


Stop by now and then to breathe in the beauty inch by inch. Well, because the journey in itself is the destiny and it stands so true here. Biking amid the lush green, mostly empty roads gave me a high I can still feel and want to get back to.


Every direction will stun you. And, doesn’t it?


3. Lose your way to find yourself into the woods. On the road not taken. 


Into the woods? Why not.


Out in the beauty again!

4. Learn that the moody nature is at its best. Better befriend it along this stop-in-time journey of this. Why wouldn’t you want to drink in this setting beauty?



No. It would be a crime to rush through this place. Why wouldn’t anyone want to chill out in the middle of night having watched the sun set with a bottle filled with your favorite drink?


Many such more…


5. Park yourself on benches as this.

It’s a place where you have to park yourself on benches as this and watch the beautiful sunset while being mesmerized by the lake and peace around.


The perfect place. A bench to sit and ponder on the green grass watching the calm lake and sunset.

And when, and if ever at all, you will have enough of basking in the glorious peaceful beauty, walk around a little more to the cathedral famous in the entire of Copenhagen. Visit Viking museum while you are on the lookout for more pleasantry surprises.


I wasn’t carrying my camera to most of the times and walks. Yet, there were few times I did, and thus have brought in the glimpse. Have tried to! Adding a few more to feast on.


One more showering in blue!


Would you be willing to travel, stop, connect at this place? Do you find it equally mesmerizing? Hope this is enough to nudge you to take a detour to this place. Do share your experiences and encounter with nature or around this place, and your opinion while you are at it 🙂

Keep travelling. Keep spreading the love.

18 thoughts on “Why Roskilde is full of breathtaking surprises

  1. Gorgeous photos. I can picture myself sitting on that bench gazing out over the water or walking the paths through fields and forest. In the quaint little town, I would be shopping and looking for a spot to sit and have a coffee or tea while watching the passers-by/

    1. 🙂 That looks like a plan. You should soon head out. This sounds so perfect that I just want to go back and do this all over. Thank you for the beautiful comment and I really wish you get to do all of this 🙂

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